• The Red Shoes has rendered DVD Verdict critic Gordon Sullivan articulately inarticulate: “I feel utterly incapable of communicating the profound joy the movie elicits in me, and find there’s no way to describe how essential the movie is without resorting to shopworn phrases.” He goes on, “With that said, if you have any inclination toward dance, classic cinema, fairy tales, or Technicolor, and you haven’t seen The Red Shoes, it should absolutely be a priority.”

    The passion and vibrancy of Powell and Pressburger’s 1948 masterpiece, now available on Criterion Blu-ray and DVD in a new high-definition master from the award-winning 2009 digital restoration, continue to leave critics awestruck. Home Theater Forum’s Matt Hough exclaims, “One of the most magnificent art films of the twentieth century, The Red Shoes remains unmatched.” DVD Town’s Christopher Long agrees: “The Red Shoes has not lost its power to astonish in the sixty-plus years since its initial release.” And according to Michael Sragow in the Baltimore Sun,The Red Shoes is ecstatic entertainment.”

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