• In the past month or so, some customers have noticed a little change in the way we’re pricing new DVD releases, and they can’t seem to figure out whether to cheer or complain. We’ve been charging $10 less for fully loaded DVDs than we used to, dropping our suggested retail price for most new special editions from $39.95 to $29.95. So what’s the problem? Well, back when we started issuing Blu-rays, we promised that we’d price them the same way we’d been pricing DVDs, not make them more expensive, even though Blu-ray authoring and manufacturing costs were then and are still much higher than those costs ever were for DVD. Our goal was to take price out of the equation for buyers considering which edition to pick up, and up to now, that’s what we’ve done. Recently, some costs associated with producing finished DVDs have fallen dramatically, and we wanted to pass that savings on to our DVD customers. Should our pledge not to jack up the price of Blu-ray have prevented us from offering better pricing on DVD when the economics permitted it? We decided it shouldn’t, but some Blu-ray customers were understandably distressed when they saw the two formats priced differently. What do you think?


  • By jmdecombe
    July 22, 2010
    03:58 PM

    I only buy your Blu-Rays now, except for gotta haves that you release only on DVD (with the hope that I can upgrade later), as well as Eclipse. Still, I think that it makes sense to price different media based on production costs, though I would like you to further reduce the cost of upgrading from DVD to Blu-Ray. Can you do that? Pleaaase?
  • By dave f.
    July 26, 2010
    04:53 PM

    bn.com has criterion titles on sale 50% off until Aug 1.
  • By Charles M.
    July 28, 2010
    06:46 PM

    Blu Rays, more expensive to manufacture or not, are typically way overpriced on the retail market. At least Criterion has a consistent price point - whereas you know when you go to a brick and mortar store what the deal is. Barnes & Nobles' 50% off sale is great- and I hope they happen twice a year as it seems they have been- but buying any regularly priced movie from them is downright foolish- when you consider that they tend to price their blu rays $10 to $20 dollars higher than Movie Stop, a movie only store that they own. I hope that Criterion releases nearly everything going forward on Blu Ray as DVD truly is an obsolete media. That being said, I am sure we are going to see a steady diet of re-releases. I think for the sake of fairness, we should get some kind of break on Blu Rays that come from the High Def transfers that were used for their DVD release. If you guys go out and make a Blu Ray disc from scratch- then I think it's fair to ask $39.99 for it. As for the discounted DVD prices? I think its fair to charge less at this point because no matter how well put together the package is- the product is no longer state of the art. PS: Princess Yang Kwei Fei would make an excellent Blu Ray...
  • By mietha
    August 02, 2010
    08:00 AM

    I'll pay $10 more for blu ray. It's as simple as that. You didn't raise the blu ray price. You lowered the dvd one. I don't really see how anyone can complain. Anyone who hasn't updated to 2006 gets everything cheaper and nothing changes for the blu ray buyers. I really don't see the problem. I will buy every new release blu ray and every re-release of films that I don't already have on DVD, as I have been doing since 501. Just please go to only BR on the new ones, as I believe you have for October. There really is NO reason to be releasing these films solely on DVD at this point.