Press Notes: Black Narcissus

Jul 21, 2010

“The most beautiful Technicolor movie ever made,” writes critic Ty Burr in a Boston Globe review of the new Criterion release of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s Black Narcissus. “More than that, Narcissus is a stunning emotional masterpiece about faith, lust, madness, and humility.” Burr’s piece on this bewitching tale of faith-challenged British nuns attempting to build a school in the Himalayas goes on to say, “Powell, the subversive fantasist of British cinema, later referred to Narcissus as ‘my most erotic film,’ and he wasn’t kidding: it still holds the power to shock.”

Also worth a read is Gary Dretzka’s review for Movie City News, in which he muses about Narcissus’s stunning and influential visual effects: “For all of the excitement generated in Hollywood by digital, hi-def, and 3-D technology, it’s sometimes worth remembering that some Pleistocene filmmakers got it right the first time, and their work continues to inspire contemporary artists . . . No better example could be provided than Criterion Collection’s sumptuous Blu-ray release of Black Narcissus.

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