A Royal Summer in Belgium

Jul 1, 2010

Anyone in the market for a cinematic vacation might consider Brussels this summer. Belgium’s Cinémathèque Royale is pulling out all the stops in July and August, hosting multiple meaty retrospectives that would make any cinephile take note. And four of the series scheduled for their eclectic summer repertoire (see the entire calendar here) begin this week. The first of them, starting today, July 1, is called simply Sacha Guitry, a wide-ranging roundup (twenty-eight titles!) of the career of the French playwright, actor, and ahead-of-his-time filmmaker, four of whose delightful 1930s comedies will be released later this month in the Eclipse series Presenting Sacha Guitry. Two other series begin today as well: Soviet Montage delves into the early cinema of those movie pioneers who created a new filmic language, featuring thirty-one essentials by the likes of Kuleshov, Eisenstein, Dovzhenko, Vertov, and Pudovkin, and the other, Six John Cassavetes, includes Shadows, Faces, and A Woman Under the Influence. And before we’re out of breath, we need to mention the thirty-seven-film retro Italia ’58–’77: L’age d’or, debuting on July 4, which surveys the intense and innovative period when Italian cinema was a worldwide phenomenon. It features such iconic titles as Germi’s Divorce Italian Style, Antonioni’s L’eclisse, Visconti’s The Leopard, Ferreri’s Dillinger Is Dead, and many more.