• “This hot-blooded, overtly poetic adaptation of Tennessee Williams is a stylish, emotional production from director Sidney Lumet,” writes Jamie S. Rich at DVD Talk of the new Criterion release of The Fugitive Kind on DVD. “Featuring top-notch acting and a near-surreal lighting style, the tragic love story is infused with sweat and tears, and it’s also a snapshot of a tumultuous political time in the American South.”

    Paper’s Dennis Dermody is similarly worked up: “Lumet’s direction and this phenomenal cast . . . bring the hothouse atmosphere to life in mysterious ways. I love this movie, and the extras on the disc are just amazing.” And Simon Abrams at Slant exclaims, “The Fugitive Kind is an across-the-board success . . . It has enough flickers of brilliance to make it essential viewing for fans of its cast, Sidney Lumet, and/or Tennessee Williams.”

    Of course, one of The Fugitive Kind’s big draws is that cast, which includes the sultry trio of Marlon Brando, Anna Magnani, and Joanne Woodward. In his appraisal at Movieline, Michael Atkinson says, “The Fugitive Kind is another kind of wonder, because to whatever extent moviegoers may have been used to Brando and Magnani in the ’50s and early ’60s, we have no one like them now.”

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