• March is Akira Kurosawa month at Criterion. On the twenty-third, the great Japanese filmmaker would have been one hundred years old. For this centennial celebration, we will be posting trivia questions and other contests, and giving away a different prize every weekday. To see yesterday’s winner, check out the update on yesterday’s post.

    Today’s prompt:

    In one sentence, convince a friend who is unfamiliar with Kurosawa to watch one of his films.

    Please respond by commenting below, and we’ll choose our favorite tomorrow. You must reside in the U.S. or Canada and leave a valid e-mail address to be eligible for the prize (a DVD box set of AK 100: 25 Films by Akira Kurosawa).


  • By Amy Highlander
    March 24, 2010
    05:03 PM

    I am unable to convey to you what Kurosawa means to film unless you physically sit and watch at least one, preferably Ikiru or Ran, of his masterpieces.
  • By Tim Girard
    March 24, 2010
    05:06 PM

    See why some of the world's best and most beloved director's cite Kurosawa as the main inspiration in their careers.
  • By JFlynn721
    March 24, 2010
    05:07 PM

    Akira Kurosawa is a master in the art of cinema, and that can be seen with various different elements, from is perfect compositions, as seen in High and Low, to his gorgeous set designs and camera work in Ran, so do yourself a favor and watch his films.
  • By Uba Backonja
    March 24, 2010
    05:11 PM

    Kurosawa was the quintessential master at capturing everything from the most intimate emotion to the widest captivating expanses, creating an experience that draws you in immediately, completely, and effortlessly.
  • By Tim Girard
    March 24, 2010
    05:37 PM

    Take ONE WONDERFUL SUNDAY when THE DRUNKEN ANGEL and THE BAD SLEEP WELL, relax with your STRAY DOG (SCANDAL, the one with the RED BEARD, not THE IDIOT one), search HIGH AND LOW, THE LOWER DEPTHS of your HIDDEN FORTRESS for a Kurosawa film (such as THRONE OF BLOOD or SEVEN SAMURAI), and enjoy the work of one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL filmmakers to ever grace this earth so that I LIVE IN FEAR no longer and you will have NO REGRETS FOR YOUTH or be one of THE MEN WHO TREAD ON THE TIGER'S TAIL.
  • By Christina
    March 24, 2010
    06:07 PM

    If you have ever seen a good movie, it is almost a certainty that the director was influenced by Akira Kurosawa, for he is THE director that all good directors pay homage to.
  • By Nassim Sabba
    March 24, 2010
    08:32 PM

    Watch Dreams and you will run into the most moving portrait of Van Gogh ever.
  • By Brennan
    March 24, 2010
    10:37 PM

    I went, I saw, I cried - Kurosawa
  • By Inigo Montoya
    March 25, 2010
    12:03 AM

    Look, these are the ONLY films I will pause and explain from the beginning to that scene, when my wife asks me what I am watching.
  • By Inigo Montoya
    March 25, 2010
    12:17 AM

    Dude, better than porn.
  • By Nate Sutton
    March 25, 2010
    12:22 AM

    It's as though God is directing before your very eyes.
  • By Brandan Tang
    March 25, 2010
    09:27 AM

    As your best friend, I recommend you watch "Red Beard" and I promise that you will understand life so much more, especially about yourself.
  • By Ryan J
    March 25, 2010
    10:27 AM

    Look back at your roots and find the foundation; you'll be entertained too.
  • By Wayne Kao
    March 25, 2010
    11:53 PM

    Everyone is a Kurosawa Fan, they just don't know it yet.
  • By Brian Conlon
    March 26, 2010
    12:08 AM

    Akira Kurosawa made films so real, they probably made people question the validity of their own existence, because they weren't as real as those lives in film.
  • By Brian J.
    March 26, 2010
    02:22 AM

    Right now, you most likely will not die happy since you haven't watched an Akira Kurosawa film. As a side comment, I watched The Bad Sleep Well at the Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto, CA. It was amazing.
  • By Nic Park
    March 26, 2010
    11:03 AM

    Seven Samurai, a black-and-white old foreign film over three hours long, has probably the highest horrid-on-paper, kick-ass-on-screen ratio of all time.
  • By Ordell Rodriguez
    March 26, 2010
    11:46 PM

    You know all those filmmakers you love outta the 60's and 70's? Lucas, Leone, Spielberg, Scorsese, etc. Yeah, they wouldn't be the filmmakers they are without him having come first.
  • By Nate W
    July 05, 2010
    06:25 PM

    Seven Samurai .....isn't that enough? I guess 6 would have been ok...but with 7 you open up a whole new kind of whoop -a**...... and really who doesn't love that?
  • By Paul Heumann
    April 13, 2011
    02:28 AM

    Every film you've seen is inspired by him.

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