The State of Criterion’s Art

Mar 4, 2010

Our own Eric Skillman, who has crafted the covers for numerous releases over the years (including Red Beard, Yi Yi, The Bad Sleep Well, Berlin Alexanderplatz, the recent Revanche, and so many more), is the subject of a new interview with Light & Shadow, the online graduate review journal of the film studies department at Boston University. In it, Eric lets us in on the way he distills a film to an iconic image, designers he admires and whose work influences him, and his favorite projects at Criterion and elsewhere (on album and book covers). He even shares some of his favorite mock-ups that were ultimately rejected.

As fans of his work may already know, this look behind the scenes isn’t out of the ordinary for Eric, who’s been delighting readers with peeks into his process since 2007 at his blog, Cozy Lummox, and even here in the Current.