• Repulsion is finally out on DVD!” exclaims Paper’s Dennis Dermody about the long-awaited release of Roman Polanski’s “terror masterpiece”—in both standard-definition and Blu-ray editions—which he goes on to dub “one of the finest of psychological shockers.”

    Chris Nashawaty, at Entertainment Weekly, writes, “Polanski’s first English-language film is still a creepy little horror masterpiece. And thanks to the Criterion Collection’s new digital face-lift, it’s never looked better or more crisp.” And Dave Kehr, in the New York Times, says, “Repulsion remains a commanding film, its festering detail enhanced by an excellent new transfer.”

    More comes courtesy of IFC.com’s Michael Atkinson (“Quintessentially cinematic . . . an impeccable Petit Guignol spectacle in deep black and white”) and Sam Adams, at the Los Angeles Times (“Consistently engrossing . . . Repulsion quivers with liberated energy and forces both cathartic and annihilating”). And the “claustrophobic shocker” is the critics’ pick over at Salon.com.


  • By sakara
    April 09, 2011
    08:26 PM

    The hammer horror fanzine, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, in their BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW issue, noted how an exploitation producer was involved with this movie, the same producer of later SATAN'S CLAW----with the great Peter Cushing losing out on the role that Patrick Wymark took, because Cushing's wife was ill at the time.
  • By Mel Brown
    March 20, 2012
    11:29 AM

    It's time for me to express in writing my extreme disappointment in this release of what once held a permanent place in my list of all time great films. The cover says it is 'director approved'. I do not believe Polanski would have authorized this version. I saw this film when it was originally released over 55 years ago, and the horror of one scene has stayed with me the entire time. Catherine Deneuve was crawling on the floor holding a piece of raw meat, ready for consumption. I now realize it wasn't 'raw meat', it was cooked rabbit. No apologies. To me, this scene represented the extreme depths of insanity to which Ms. Deneuve's character had sunk, even more than the murders. This was not the only deletion from the original release, and new viewers to this great film may not miss it. To me, however, the cut was sacrilege.