• Repulsion is finally out on DVD!” exclaims Paper’s Dennis Dermody about the long-awaited release of Roman Polanski’s “terror masterpiece”—in both standard-definition and Blu-ray editions—which he goes on to dub “one of the finest of psychological shockers.”

    Chris Nashawaty, at Entertainment Weekly, writes, “Polanski’s first English-language film is still a creepy little horror masterpiece. And thanks to the Criterion Collection’s new digital face-lift, it’s never looked better or more crisp.” And Dave Kehr, in the New York Times, says, “Repulsion remains a commanding film, its festering detail enhanced by an excellent new transfer.”

    More comes courtesy of IFC.com’s Michael Atkinson (“Quintessentially cinematic . . . an impeccable Petit Guignol spectacle in deep black and white”) and Sam Adams, at the Los Angeles Times (“Consistently engrossing . . . Repulsion quivers with liberated energy and forces both cathartic and annihilating”). And the “claustrophobic shocker” is the critics’ pick over at Salon.com.

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