• We’ve previously written about the new digitally restored 35 mm print of Powell and Pressburger’s ballet masterpiece The Red Shoes, which premiered at Cannes in May. (We can’t wait to see it stateside.) But how much do we really understand about what it means—and what it takes—for a classic film to go through the restoration process? Thankfully, the always engaging and informative Ian Christie has a piece in the August issue of Sight & Sound in which he not only previews the new Red Shoes but also takes us through the process of twenty-first-century movie refurbishment (from the high-res scanning of the negative to the digital removal of blemishes), which he compares to the restoration of paintings and frescos. It’s a fascinating (and accessible) look at the value of art restoration—something that’s been debated for ages—and another mouthwatering preview of the Technicolor beauty we’ll hopefully be seeing soon.

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