Bits and Bobbles of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button property master Hope Parrish writes: “When it came to the postcards and the diary, David was involved every step of the way. I found hundreds of postcards that he narrowed down to the ones he liked: we had them for Caroline’s birthdays over the years, and then the postcards in the box with ribbon from Benjamin to Daisy. Each was handpicked, and the messages on the back of them needed to be in Brad’s handwriting (something the audience doesn’t actually see, but it was great for Julia as a working tool to help her with her performance), which artist Jules Kmetzko managed to copy perfectly. She also did all the writing in the book. It was a very long process. But David saw updates and added or changed little things as it grew. It was important that the diary had layers. I had the diary made from scratch. Once David signed off on the writing and images, I had the pages bound, and then the real fun part of my work began: aging it and putting all the bits and bobbles in.”

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