Watch Criterion and Die!

With a sense of urgency, and a touch of morbidity, Yahoo! Movies has put out a list of “100 Movies to See Before You Die.” “To choose the titles for the list,” write Yahoo!’s editors, “we considered factors like historical importance and cultural impact. But we also selected films that we believe are the most thrilling, most dramatic, scariest, and funniest movies of all time.” As it turns out, sixteen of those one hundred are titles from the Criterion Collection—not a bad percentage!—including some obvious selections (Seven Samurai) and some very welcome surprises (In the Mood for Love). Check out the full list, presented as a photo gallery, here. (For the record, the other fourteen Criterion picks are: The 400 Blows, 8 1/2, The Battle of Algiers, Bicycle Thieves, Breathless, Do the Right Thing, Grand Illusion, The Lady Eve, M, Rashomon, The Silence of the Lambs, The Third Man, This Is Spinal Tap, and Wild Strawberries.)

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