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Nicolas Rapold

Nicolas Rapold is a writer and editor. He worked as editor in chief of Film Comment (both web and print) at Film at Lincoln Center, where he hosted the Film Comment Podcast, curated Film Comment Selects, and was a member of the magazine’s editorial team since 2005. He currently hosts the podcast The Last Thing I Saw and contributes to the New York Times as well as other publications.

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A Screen of One’s Own: Celebrating Artist-Run Cinemas Around the World

From Richard Linklater to Isabelle Huppert, some of cinema’s most beloved figures have shown their commitment to the art form by operating venues with stellar repertory programs.

By Nicolas Rapold

Long Live the Microcinema

With the future of film exhibition more uncertain than ever, several small-scale organizations with highly personal curation are proving they have what it takes to survive against the odds.

By Nicolas Rapold