Come Back To The Criterion Collection

by ggfanjase

Created 07/25/12

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Come Back To The Criterion Collection, DVDs, DVDs

All the OOP titles.

Some of these need to desperately come back roaring strong in blu-ray form. Others, meh.


  • By ggfanjase
    September 24, 2012
    06:29 AM

    Added Chungking Express to this list, unfortunately.
    • By Collection
      November 26, 2012
      09:05 PM

      When performing some routine maintenance on my Collection, I needed to corroborate which releases are currently OOP and found your list to be handy. It is clear that the intent of your list is to include "all the OOP titles," so I ought to mention Pygmalion was apparently overlooked. Said title corresponds to spine #85, and would be listed between The Harder they Come and The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.
    • By ggfanjase
      November 27, 2012
      07:19 AM

      Oh, you are absolutely right! I had no idea Pygmalion was OOP since it does not appear as such when browsing the spine numbers through the 'Expanded' view form in the complete library. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and I'll make sure to update accordingly. Variety Lights is another OOP title that similarly falls through the cracks of not being identified as such in the library. And I'm glad this list can be of some assistance to anyone so thank you.
    • By Collection
      March 06, 2013
      12:15 AM

      Sorry to be the bearer of more bad news, however, as of this writing you must add three (3) more titles to your list: M. Hulot's Holiday, Mon Oncle, and Playtime. Consistent with your organization of the above list, these would follow Mona Lisa and precede Diary of a Chambermaid, in the aforementioned order. Sadly, this leaves us, for the time being, with no Jacques Tati films in print in the Criterion Collection. In the words of Warren G: "damn, what's next?"
  • By Collection
    November 05, 2012
    10:21 PM

    Although Woo's The Killer and Hard Boiled both predate the advent of DTS soundtracks, would be happy to see these return to the Criterion Collection as soon as possible "roaring strong in Blu-Ray form." Thanks in advance for keeping this list up-to-date.
    • By ggfanjase
      November 06, 2012
      03:43 AM

      Yeah, no problem! Made it mostly as a reference guide for myself and others. Woo's The Killer and Hard Boiled would, I'm sure, have been upgraded (covers and all) by now had they not gone OOP, considering CC's strong urge to update all their very early titles. All hope is not lost tho so hopefully one day we'll see them again.
  • By ggfanjase
    June 04, 2014
    06:34 AM

    Updated as of June 2014.
  • By NotInOurStars
    July 15, 2014
    07:03 PM

    • By ggfanjase
      July 15, 2014
      09:00 PM

      I'm gonna be over here in the corner crying sweet, sweet happy tears.