My Top 10 Most Wanted Blu-ray Upgrades

by Grethiwha

Created 07/13/12

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I've discovered many films through the Criterion Collection, and while sometimes I try to limit myself watching to films that have already-released or announced blu-ray editions, so I'm not tempted to double dip with these $40 purchases, often I don't - I see films that are in the collection that are so good I can barely contain my impatience for them to get announced for blu-ray. In a couple cases I couldn't control it, and bought the DVD.

I've listed these in order simply of how much I want them on blu-ray, which takes into account a number of factors like how much I like the films themselves, how good I think they'll look, whether I already own them, and probably other more subconscious things like whether I think they're "obvious" and should have been released already.

So these are the ones I'm waiting MOST impatiently for. Try to excuse the fact that they're bloody all Japanese. I'm just really into the golden age of Japanese cinema, and that's the niche of mine that Criterion primarily satisfies (and they're about the only company that do). For the record, runner-ups include The Exterminating Angel and The Testament of Dr. Mabuse, so, you know, there was almost a non-Japanese film on the list.

  • This is THE most visually stunning film I have ever seen, and I have reached that conclusion despite having only watched it horribly letterboxed. This film positively NEEDS a (new uncut) blu-ray release. Just imagining it...! It's also an amazing, atmospheric film.

  • Woman in the Dunes is a masterpiece. All three films are fantastic and stylish and visually very interesting. If a blu-ray of this box set came out I would be ecstatic! I very nearly bought the DVDs.

  • This is perhaps my favourite film of all time. So I had to buy the DVDs. But I will buy it again on blu-ray if they release it, in an instant.

  • If High and Low gets a blu-ray release, I believe this similar, but in my opinion even better Kurosawa/Mifune film should have a release not far behind. It's one of my favourite Kurosawa films and I'm sure it would look fantastic!

  • I wasn't huge on this film the first time I saw it, but it's stuck in my mind so strongly for it's ridiculously creepy setting and atmosphere. I think it's sort of one of my favourite films now, even though I haven't seen it since. Give me an excuse to rewatch it! It's also definitely better than Kuroneko.

  • Kurosawa's first colour film is quite a visual treat, as well as being probably his strangest and most underappreciated film.

  • Over three years in the early fifties, Kenji Mizoguchi released his three greatest masterpieces. Now two of them have gorgeous blu-ray releases from Criterion. But what about this, the most obvious and famous one!

  • Most of all I want this for Samurai Rebellion, but Sword of the Beast is also fantastic and Kill! is pretty great too. I haven't seen Samurai Spy yet - but this box set is just so my kind of thing - I'd be ecstatic if the whole thing got put out on blu-ray.

  • I thought this film was excellent, but I believe I'll like it even more the second time, now that I understand what the director was going for with the three different styles the film switches between (and if I can watch it without the ridiculous English narration that makes Mishima's English voice sound like Ray Liotta's). But the main reason for this film's inclusion: It's among the top 10 (or even 5) most visually stunning films I've seen. It's almost tragic that this film got it's Criterion release so shortly before Criterion adopted Blu-ray; the DVD edition is supposedly one of the best overall packages Criterion has put out. But this film needs high definition.

  • I will buy literally any Kurosawa film on blu-ray at this point. I've LOVED nearly every Kurosawa film I've seen, and I'd be thrilled to blind buy some of his films and see them for the first time in high definition. Ikiru is my favourite Kurosawa film not yet on blu-ray, but I bought the DVD, so I'm not super-impatient for that one at the moment. Still, I'd be thrilled if they released it. Or any of his other films.


  • By AP
    October 13, 2012
    08:35 PM

    Cracking list! These should all be high priorities to upgrade, especially the first four and, well, all the others. Criterion, are you listening?
  • By Janez
    January 02, 2014
    08:07 PM

    A small addition to the list. Kurosawa's "Dreams" should be added to the blu-ray wish list. Hoping to see it announced soon.
    • By Grethiwha
      February 11, 2014
      07:15 PM

      I can't add Dreams as Criterion never had it (and, heh, it's sorta covered by my #10 choice) – but yes, Dreams is quite probably Kurosawa's greatest audio-visual experience, and that's a blu-ray that needs to happen.