My Top 10 Criterion Editions on Blu-ray

by Grethiwha

Created 07/13/12

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Seeing as I've only started getting into the Criterion Collection and film collecting in general since blu-ray, it makes sense to list my favourite films that have received blu-ray releases. I can stick to 10 films okay, and they're all ones I actually own.

I've listed them in order of preference based on the strength of the films themselves (though my comments refer mostly to Criterion's presentation).

  • What an exquisite packaging of one of my favourite films. The black-and white images on the inside of the cardboard casing really look fantastic, and the booklet included is by far the largest, most expansive and beautiful I've seen. Plus, a second disc full of wonderful extras. It's sublime!

  • A fantastic release - I had no idea this was such a visually striking film until I saw Criterion's marvellous high-definition treatment of it.

  • This is a film I can watch again and again. A tour-de-force in every aspect, I'm so glad Criterion released this on blu-ray! It looks amazing!

  • This movie is absurdly entertaining and infinitely rewatchable. It's not the most overwhelming Criterion release in terms of packaging or extras (though what's there is fantastic), but God I'm happy to own it.

  • It cost me an arm and a leg, but I'm thankful I have this box set. This is another case of me not being able to appreciate the film's staggering beauty until I saw the blu-ray. I think from now on I will only watch the television version of the film but it was nice to be able to see the theatrical version as well, and the third disc devoted to the extras had some great stuff too.

  • This film is a masterpiece. And the extra-large booklet and extra-fancy packaging on this blu-ray are classy as fuck.

  • This is a film of much beautiful imagery and the blu-ray does not disappoint.

  • Pull the cardboard sleeve off and you reveal that the case is disguised as a Beta cassette with a note that reads "Long live the new flesh!" Brilliant! This is such a strange and wonderful film.

  • Most films I love in the Criterion Collection, I became a fan of after they were already in the collection, but this was a favourite of mine well before there was any reason to believe it would be getting the Criterion treatment and seeing it get announced and then anticipating it's release was pretty cool.

  • I could just... stare at the cover of this edition for a while. It's the coolest Criterion edition ever. I'm so happy they released this ridiculous and incredibly entertaining film.

  • Runner-up! What can I say, I get new blu-rays, and when they're worthy of this list, the list gets longer; I can no longer keep it to 10. This film, though not as great as Ran, is fantastic in its own right, and it is even more visually stunning. Criterion's blu-ray treatment blows away Studio Canal's treatment of Ran, and the booklet is one of the nicest I've seen too.

  • Second runner-up! I can't help it! This is a ridiculously good film, and the blu-ray is jam-packed with great extra content.

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  • By Filiusd99993
    October 27, 2012
    06:17 AM

    You sir, have great taste. (Though Ran is definitely superior to Kagemusha,)

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