My Top Ten Eclipse Releases

by Quinn

Created 07/12/12

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Here's my current top ten Eclipse releases (subject to change).

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  • All four films in the Eclipse set Lubitsch Musicals are wonderful, but Monte Carlo is my favorite. Jeanette MacDonald (as runaway bride Countess Helene Mara) shines; her singing is beautiful and her attitude is equal parts sappy and sassy. While male lead Jack Buchanan is no Maurice Chevalier (who stars in The Love Parade with MacDonald, the first film in this set), the irony of Countess Mara leaving her dandy, fop fiancee for an unintentionally foppish Buchanan is not lost on me! Despite this odd pairing, MacDonald and Buchanan make it all work.

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  • To the passive viewer, this absurdly short film (only 11 minutes long) is nothing more than a spinning camera, capturing images of a messy apartment and the filmmaker, Akerman herself, writhing on a bed. However, I like to think of La Chambre as an active painting in motion. The first time I watched it, I was on the edge of my seat: would something jump out at me? Would Akerman suddenly NOT be on her bed? The reactions that I got from this film make it memorable. Short, and sweet.

  • This tiny melodrama (half an hour in length) has the power to make one both and tear up. The pacing and physical comedy is especially notable, and the ending is at first scary, and then poignant. A gem.

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