American Cinema

by Dan_Withrow

Created 07/06/12

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Criterion has opened the doors for world cinema to reach a much wider audience, but they haven't forgotten about American cinema. Here are some of my favorite American films in the collection.

  • One of the greatest stories ever told on film. This one has everything you could possibly ask for in a movie. Drama, humor, heart, and the best part's all true. Unbelievable from start to finish.

  • Two of the bravest performances in American Independent cinema from Rowlands and Falk.

  • Kubrick's skill increased with every film he made, but he really took a step in the right direction with this one. From trench fighting to the palace conversations, this film is beautiful to watch.

  • This one will simply break your heart.

  • Malick's use of lighting is unmatched in cinema. He is able to capture moments that only an artist can bring to life.

  • One of the unsung films of the early 40s. Walter Huston's "Scratch," character is one of my favorites from that era. A great storyline with standout camera work.

  • Scorsese's controversial film is also one of the best in the collection.

  • Not just because certain scenes were shot in my hometown of Dedham, MA, but The Friends of Eddie Coyle is a great look into one of the more down on his luck characters ever. Mitchum is fantastic.

  • There are few things more masculine than John Wayne bringing up his Winchester in one of the most iconic hero shots in cinema history.

  • Few films stay relevant for 50+ years like Ace in the Hole does. Douglas is sublime as the hard-nosed reporter who will do anything to keep his story afloat, even at the cost of his life and the lives of others.

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