10 Most Desired Upgrades

by Kevin B.

Created 07/03/12

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These are the in-print (or rights-licensed) backlist titles that I'd love to see Criterion release in blu-ray--some I'd be happy to purchase again to replace my DVD copies, most others I'm holding off on acquiring until they are upgraded (hint, hint).

  • A beautiful looking movie that surely requires a high-def transfer. Patiently waiting to add it to my collection.

  • For me, the better of Lean's two Dickens adaptations, done with a satisfyingly expressionistic flair. A great cast and wonderful mise en scene--particularly when Fagin is trapped, all alone, at the bottom of the stairs in the warehouse, his thieves barricaded behind a door above him, the mob of justice about to burst through the weakly barred door in front of him (a perfect evocation of desperate isolation). And Robert Newton makes a fearsome Bill Sykes. Again, patiently waiting for the blu upgrade.

  • One of Bunuel's most accessible surrealist masterworks and, barring a miracle reacquisition of The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, my most desired of his titles in high-def.

  • I still love watching my SD Criterion edition of this wonderful series of stories, but I'd enjoy even more a restored (and extended?) blu edition of this classic.

  • A dynamic, deeply affecting portrayal of Jeanne d'Arc's persecution by the very people she sought to protect and save temporally and, by example, spiritually. One that I'd love to add to my library, but I know that a high-def restoration is available (just waiting for CC to release on blu).

  • A lovely movie, both in spirit and in visual execution. M. Hulot's neighborhood demands to be seen in high-def!


  • By Drew Phillips
    August 21, 2012
    12:58 AM

    The Dickens/Lean films have been begging for upgrades for years!
  • By Michael English
    October 05, 2012
    02:40 AM

    The BRD Trilogy is out of print, though.
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    • By Kevin B.
      October 05, 2012
      08:56 AM

      Word at the time was that CC was taking the trilogy OOP in anticipation of a new, hi-def edition. Although a new set hasn't appeared yet, the fact that The Marriage of Maria Braun and Veronika Voss were both recently added to CC's HuluPlus channel bodes well for an upgrade (perhaps in 2013?).
  • By Michael English
    December 21, 2012
    11:22 PM

    So it looks like you got that Colonel Blimp upgrade. What else is in your magic bag of tricks?

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